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What people have said:

"They're best when slightly stale, because then they are a little crunchy on the outside but still fluffy and delicious inside."

"I like them microwaved. You can almost hear the high-pitched chirping of agony as they melt.”

“I like to dissolve mine in milk until they’re soggy.”



Play With Your Peeps: Social campaign

We wanted Peeps to own the weird ways people interact with their product, so we made these gifs to show the ways people can play with their peeps before devouring them. 

Twitter: Celebrity engagement

Instagram: Peeposcopes

According to some, astrological signs define your personality. So, we made horoscopes, in this case Peeposcopes to define how we would eat Peeps based on what the stars say. 


We made Peep emojis, or "Peepmojis" if you will. 

Are you feeling exhausted? Embarrassed? Just don't feel good? We've created another way for you to be dramatic about it while you text. 

Alex McClelland (art director)

Kaitlin DeMayo (copywriter)