Ever wish you could write and pitch your own movie in 5 minutes? Now you can. We provide the movie tropes on cards, you provide the pitch.


Genre Spinner 

All teams beside the judging team starts the game by spinning for a movie genre. 

Then the teams draw one setting card, one plot element card, two character cards, and one wild card from each deck. 


After receiving the cards, teams have 5 minutes to craft a pitch. 

While the teams craft their pitches, the judging team can throw out two "Think Fast" questions. Below are exapmples.

Here's an example of one of the pitches: 

Genre Selected: Drama

Cards Drawn: Factory, Divine Intervention, Firefighter, Stay at Home Dad

Title: Dangerous Assembly

Characters: Jake (The Firefighter) – Ryan Gosling

Stephen (Stay At Home Dad) – Tom Hiddleston

Director: Steven Spielberg

Plot Description: Set in a small conservative town in the 1950s, Jake and Stephen work in the same car factory. Unbeknownst to the town, they’re secretly carrying on a torrid affair. That is until one night when God speaks to Stephen, instructing him to repent and marry a woman. Stephen tries, but feels conflicted.

Tagline: “Sometimes, love is factory-made”


Made with:

Will Bareford (co-copywriter)