Freelance Planet

Bravely navigating the unknowns of self-employment 


The job market doesn't operate with as much consistency as it used to. Which means freelance work is becoming the new career standard. The fact of the matter is that there are few resources freelancers can use to simplify their lives.


Inspired by the planet Pluto's downgrade to a dwarf planet, my team and I (who will all deal with freelance at some point in our careers) have developed the idea for Freelance Planet, a digital service which combines pre existing resources with a desktop app for time-tracking, scheduling, and efficiency as well as a messenger bot that answers freelance questions.

Voice of Pluto, our freelance expert

Pluto is the perfect representative for freelancers everywhere. A steadily employed planet for 76 years, Pluto was demoted to a "dwarf planet" in 2006, so he knows quite a bit about navigating a vast new frontier with a nebulous identity.  

We developed an identity for Pluto that was lighthearted, approachable and knowledgable about the subject of freelance work. 


Pluto as a chatbot

Have a question about technical work issues, or just want a podcast suggestion? Ask Pluto. 

Desktop App

The Desktop app makes your workspace (likely your laptop in a coffee shop) more organized and structured. Freelance Planet offers a better way to set notifications, track time, set reminders and offer resources to get through your workday.


Desktop Notifications


Subway station ads


Coffee cups and free WiFi promoting Freelance Planet WiFi in select coffee shops. 


Katie Cullinan (experience designer) 

Jessica Sugerman (art director)

Kaitlin DeMayo (copywriter)