In August 2017, Arnold Worldwide entered the Boston Brandathon, a competition to help local companies create branding. We were matched with Kulisha, a sustainable chicken feed startup and my team and I had 72 hours to create a campaign.

The insight: It's not feed for chicken farmers, it's feed for chicken lovers.

Idea: rebrand Kulisha as if the chickens themselves were hipsters, so that we could talk about care, sustainability and quality in a fun way. 

After presenting our work at an event hosted by Google, we placed 1st and Kulisha has since used our branding. 



Creation of "Edibugs" and package redesign

"Dried black fly larvae chicken feed" didn't have a ring to it. So, we renamed the feed "Edibugs" and generated a new look and feel.



Website Redesign



The Feed Feed

Housed on  the Kulisha website, you can feed Kulisha's chickens right before your eyes just by tweeting or "clucking" (if you will)  a grub emoji at them. The Feed Feed is attached to a coop cam so you can watch the chickens being fed in real time. 



To give our chickens names and personalities we created an area on the Kulisha website where the hipster-ey chickens can speak for themselves. 



We created a social platform for Kulisha showing how much Kulisha chickens love their bug-based feed. 

out of home

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In the press

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