SFX: radio crackle 

Narrator: Tales From the Lot.... 

No one knew where the portable basketball hoop came from.

Did it come from a portable basketball hoop store that went under in 2007?

….Highly likely.

But it was everything Jimmy desired. 

 JImmy: I mean, yeah, it’s pretty cool and really cheap, so.

Narrator: Jimmy was on cloud nine!

Jeepers! Jimmy was happier than a clam sippin' a sarsaparilla soda!

Jimmy: Yeah it’s’s pretty good.

Narrator: Big Lots: one of a kind random treasures

SFX: radio crackle 

Narrator: Tales From the Lot

Karen never knew it was there. She never even knew she needed it….

But the pink leopard print toaster from aisle 6 was beckoning her.

Karen: Oh wow, what a neato toaster.

Narrator: That’s right she thought it was the cat's meow! Yes Karen it's the bee's knees!

Where did it come from? who can say?

But it might just be at a Big Lots near you.

Now scram!

Big Lots: one of a kind random treasures



Select your store location by zip code and the app will tell you what random treasures are in stock for the week. 


Reusable Bags 

Available as a point of sale purchase for recurring customers. 

In store executions

Bathroom signs, endcap display, employee only door, and product stickers.

Out of home

Billboard and bus cards

Promotional Mailer

Héctor Rivas (Art Director)

Kaitlin DeMayo (Copywriter)